Manna Ministries, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization founded in March 1996 for the purpose of developing and implementing programs that will address the needs of youth and families in the local neighborhoods of Bartlett Crossing/Cherokee Heights in West Macon.

Our programs include:

  • Manna Tutorial Program (MTP) after school program for students K-12. Monday - Friday 2:30 - 8 p.m. Emphases are homework assistance, one-on-one and group tutoring, quality adult supervision, evening meals, and enrichment activities.
  • Manna Youth Summer Opportunity Program (MYSOP) eight-week summer enrichment program for disadvantaged and at risk children and youth ages 5-18. Affordable, quality and accessible youth enrich program to alleviate or reduce the chances for children and teens to be left without quality adult supervision and keep school children/youth in a learning mode while in a relaxed environment. Activities are age and grade appropriate.
  • Youth Financial Institution ages 11 - 18 participants manage a personal savings, checking, and investment account.
  • Community Day family friendly fund day with free activities for the community residents.
  • Manna Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) in The City of Macon, GA providing decent, affordable and sanitary housing for the very low to moderate low-income families. Partnering with The City of Macon, Macon Land Bank Authority, and Lizzie Chapel Baptist Church.
  • Community Empowerment Forum two times a year to inform community residents status of projects, receive resident and other community stakeholders input.
  • Bartlett Crosing Revitalization community development focusing on developing single family housing, a senior citizen complex, and commercial complex, school for grades P-K to 3, and other small business.
  • Manna Community Technology Center provides computer training for all ages and skill levels year round. Small classes provide students personal attention. Internet and other techology services. Free to our target area residents. Small fee may be charged for others.
  • Community Clean-up Day spring and fall are opportunities for neighbors to get aquainted with each other, while making the neighborhood healthier, safer, building neighborhood pride and beautification.
  • Community Garden participants of all ages benefit from the opportunities for social well-being improvement: social, mental, physical skill buildling, and maintaining and creating green space for a healthier environment.


Founded March 6, 1996